Fat cake

Caietul bunicii - Reteta Prajitura cu untura 001

My mum says: I doubt you will ever make this cake. it is a recipe my mum (grandma) had from Juc (the Bolchis family mansion where my brother Sandu and I went when we were very young). I believe my mother made baked it very often because is not crossed. During my childhood grandma from Cauas (my grandmother’s sister in law) used to send us a small barrel full with pork fat, and we were very glad to spread it on bread and sprinkle paprika over it. It was delicious. This is because there was many years when the butter was very hard to find. I was very young (maybe 6); I remember I was queuing, along with other citizens – a crowd! – to receive a half of a pack. I was totally mesmerized and didn’t know what to do when finally it was my turn to get it. fortunately one of my brother’s classmates was there and showed my where the cashier was. I was so grateful! So this was our childhood… Only that we (or at least I )didn’t realize that this was not normal. My mum was telling us how she used to get everything on credit from the grocery store, paying when the salary arrived at the end of the month, and that you could find everything in those days without problems. We instead were buying only the milk “with credit”: the milk ady arrived, she poured in the bottled the quantity requested by my mum and the woman marked on the door’s frame: one vertical line for 1l, half line for 1/2 l. At the end of the month they counted the lines and calculated what was to be paid. So this is a historic recipe!

Nu cred ca ai sa faci aceasta prjitura. E o reteta pe care mama o avea de la Juc (castelul familiei Bolchis, unde mergeam noi cand eram foarte mici, Sandu si cu mine). Presupun ca mama a facut-o destul de des, caci nu e barata. La vremea copilariei, bunicuta de la Caus ne aproviziona in fiecare an cu un cazanel de untura de porc, din care ne serveam pe paine, cu boia. Era foarte buna. Caci au fost ani in care untul se obtinea foarte greu. Eram mica (sa fi avut 6 ani); mi-aduc aminte ca am facut si eu coada, cu alti concetateni – multime! – ca sa primesc o jumatate de pachetel. Eram complet buimacita, habar n-aveam ce trebuie sa fac; am avut noroc cu un coleg de clasa de-al lui frate-meu, care m-a indrumat unde-i casa, sa platesc. Cat i-am mai fost de recunoscatoare!
Deci asa era in copilaria noastra… Doar ca noi (ma rog, eu cel putin) nu ne dadeam seama ca nu-i normal. Mama ne povestea cum lua ea produse pe credit si achita la leafa, ca erau de toate si le obtineai fara probleme. Noi “pe credit” cumparam numai laptele: venea laptareasa, punea in sticle cantitatea pe care o hotara mama pentru fiecare zi, si femeia insemna pe tocul usii: o linie verticala pentru 1l, o jumatate de linie verticala pentru o jumatate de litru. La sfarsitul lunii adunau linioarele si calculau ce avem de plata. Deci, este o Reteta istorica! Mama

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